Kushinga: A Shona word meaning “to persevere through hard times”

Every human being is an indivisible whole, striving for a fully integrated existence. Mental health, self-care, emotional well-being, and spirituality cannot be compartmentalized. Otherwise, there is a risk that these efforts become mere coping mechanisms, without addressing this underlying, fundamental need. Step by step, I can help you cultivate the spiritual, emotional, and mental tools to confront and transcend not only the challenges of daily life, but to develop a better relationship with yourself and those around you. Through the acquisition of self-awareness and discipline, it becomes possible to embrace openness, vulnerability and ultimately your whole self. 

The question is how. 


I graduated from law school in 2009, having interned and trained to be a criminal defense lawyer. “You’ll always have work” is something I heard many times during these years, and was a big part of why I turned away from a system I didn’t see putting a lot of emphasis on rehabilitation or curing injustice. After walking away from a career in law, I tried a little bit of everything, from carpentry to pedicabbing. It was only after immense pain and loss in my own life, and a deep longing to connect with the natural world that I discovered the shamanic path. I developed a daily chi kung and yoga practice before studying with indigenous healers in Zimbabwe and South Africa. I lived and trained with Ju/Hoansi Bushmen in Namibia, learning from renowned Bushmen healer Kunta Boo. From there, I traveled to India where I lived and trained with yogis for 2 ½ years.

My specialties are in meditation (which has a foundation in Kriya Yoga), ritual work, spiritual crises, mindfulness, and yoga. A session with me would be a holistic approach and include any or all of these modalities, tailored to your goals and needs.

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